52 Sundays - Missionaries To Pray For - September 15, 2019


  Our missionary prayer time today is taking us to Malden, Massachusetts, which is roughly five miles north of Boston. About 60,000 people live in Malden and more than a third of them were born outside the United States. Our missionaries, Dan and Caroline Ko, have moved to Malden with their four young children to plant Seven Mile Road Church, They meet in a school on Salem Street, in the northwestern part of the city. Like the city, members of the church have come from all over the world. It's a poor area, where many of the high school kids get just one meal a day at home, plus whatever free food they get at school. Overall, Massachusetts has few believers - many towns have no evangelical church. Dan and Caroline agree the spiritual climate is cold, but they insist that - with lots of time - people can still be reached for Christ. They spent four years being friends with Bobby, one of their neighbors born and bred in Boston. They talked often and invited him to church over and over, until one day he finally came. He kept coming back! He brought his wife, who invited her sister, Karen, who invited Angela and so on - and they all accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Baptists have sent many church-planting missionaries to the Greater Boston area - and we're helping support all of them through the Cooperative Program, including Dan and Caroline. Just think - our church is helping lives be turned inside out in Malden, Massachusetts through the power of the Gospel! Now, let's pray especially for Dan and Caroline. 

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