52 Sundays - Missionaries To Pray For - July 7, 2019

Jonathon & Gina Woodyard

  Today we're going to the upper Midwest, to the city of Northfield, Minnesota. It's located due south of Minneapolis. Northfield is a smallish place, with maybe 20,000 people, but new housing developments are being built and growth has been steady. Two of our missionaries, Jonathon and Gina Woodyard, moved from Kentucky to Minnesota in 2012 for school. They planted Northfield Community Church in 2017, after meeting with a core group for a year. Later services were held in the rented basement of a bank on the south side of town. Our church helped with the costs of getting the new church planted and with salary support for the Woodyards because we give through the Cooperative Program. The church has grown and now members include retired architects, school teachers, employees of large corporations, young families and college students. A high school student named Matt was the first new believer baptized by the church. He came to faith in Christ after he began attending one of the small group meetings. We want to pray now for our missionaries, Jonathon and Gina, as they work faithfully with that new, growing church there in Minnesota. 

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NAMB supports missions in North America. 100% of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering collected at GTBC is sent to NAMB to support missionaries in North America.

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The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is collected at GTBC for one month prior to Christmas. 100% of the funds collected are forwarded to IMB to support missionaries globally. 


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