52 Sundays - Missionaries To Pray For - February 23, 2020


Today in our prayer time we will pray for two missionaries who have served 15 years in East Asia. We'll call them Jeremiah and Joy Farmer. Even here, we won't use their real names because they face threats every day where they serve. Our church supports them through our Cooperative Program giving.

When the Farmers were called to East Asia, the population was 650 million people - and 80 percent of them had never heard of Jesus. It was an overwhelming challenge! How could they reach so many? To prepare, Jeremiah attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. That's our school in Fort Worth, Texas. It's one of six seminaries our church supports, again through our Cooperative Program.

Now let's count the miracles God sent! Over the last 15 years, Jeremiah and Joy have seen more than 700 churches planted; two and a half million people have heard the gospel and 45,000 lost people have come to faith in Christ! More than 2,500 leaders have been trained.

All this has happened in a region that's hostile to Christianity! Now, let's thank God for these missionaries - and our school that helped them prepare to serve. Let's ask for more missionaries to go help!

NAMB - North American Mission Board


NAMB supports missions in North America. 100% of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering collected at GTBC is sent to NAMB to support missionaries in North America.

IMB - International Mission Board


IMB supports missions globally. 100% of the Lottie Moon Offering collected for the month prior to Christmas at GTBC goes to IMB which supports missionaries around the world.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


 The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is collected at GTBC for a month prior to Easter. 100% of the funds collected are sent to NAMB to support North American Missionaries. 

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering


The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is collected at GTBC for one month prior to Christmas. 100% of the funds collected are forwarded to IMB to support missionaries globally. 


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