52 Sundays - Missionaries To Pray For - November 10, 2019

Scott & Joyce Pittman SAO PAULO, BRAZIL

    Today we're going to talk about two of our missionaries serving in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are Scott and Joyce Pittman and our church supports them through our Cooperative Program giving. This is a huge city - it's estimated that more than 13 million people live in the center city, but add in the greater metro area and that number jumps to around 30 million. Brazil was one of the first overseas mission fields for Southern Baptists - we sent missionaries there in the mid-1800s and have continued to do so ever since. These days the Brazilian Baptist Convention has more than 6,000 churches and more than one million members, so our missions work has been successful. But the missions need is still massive. The Pittmans are in a large city. But they are not trying to work alone. They are coordinating a partnership between Sao Paulo and the Kentucky Baptist Convention. That means Scott and Joyce are helping bring hundreds of pastors and lay Baptists to come on short-term mission trips to Brazil. Some volunteers preach, some lead basketball camps, conduct backyard Bible clubs or hold women's events and so on. It's a big project for a big city. Scott and Joyce have a map of the city mounted on their wall so they can track all the volunteer teams coming and going. Sad to say, it has a lot of blank spaces where people need to hear the Gospel. Let's pray now for Scott and Joyce as they pray and plan to reach their big city for Christ. And let's pray for Kentucky Baptists as they head way down south! 

NAMB - North American Mission Board


NAMB supports missions in North America. 100% of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering collected at GTBC is sent to NAMB to support missionaries in North America.

IMB - International Mission Board


IMB supports missions globally. 100% of the Lottie Moon Offering collected for the month prior to Christmas at GTBC goes to IMB which supports missionaries around the world.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


 The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is collected at GTBC for a month prior to Easter. 100% of the funds collected are sent to NAMB to support North American Missionaries. 

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering


The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is collected at GTBC for one month prior to Christmas. 100% of the funds collected are forwarded to IMB to support missionaries globally. 


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